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Taramps PRO 2.6 S Digital Audio Processor Equalizer

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Introducing the TARAMPS PRO 2.6 S Digital Audio Processor Equalizer, a top-of-the-line product designed to enhance your music listening experience. This high-quality device boasts a sleek design and is manufactured in Brazil, ensuring that you get nothing but the best. With its advanced features, this crossover is perfect for car audio enthusiasts and consumers alike. Its brand, Digital Audio, is synonymous with excellence in the industry. The TARAMPS PRO 2.6 S is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience music like never before.

Technical Features

Input Channels 2
Output Channels 6
Adjustable Limiter Threshold: 24 ~ 0dB
Attack: 1ms ~ 900ms
Release: 1ms ~ 4000ms
Threshold Central Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Attenuation – Gain: -12dB ~ +12dB
Q Factor: 0.4 ~ 10
3 Band Parametric EQ Central Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Attenuation – Gain: -12dB ~ +12dB
Q Factor: 0.4 ~ 10
Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Output Impedance 47 ohms
Maximum Input Level 6Vpp (2.1V RMS)
Maximum Output Level 10.2Vpp (3.6V RMS)
Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Power Supply Voltage 9 ~ 16VDC
Dimensions(H X W X D) 8.26″ x 1.69″ x 4.80″
Weight 1.212lb

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