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Comando CRX4-6000 | | 6000W | 4CH | 2Ω Amplifier

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The COMANDO/CRX amplifiers offer high quality audio reproduction for the audiophile and the everyday listener a like. All models feature fully variable crossovers with 12 dB per octave slopes, allowing you the ability to tailor the sound to best fit the speakers and your listening preferrences. 

PLATINUM FINISH CONNECTIONS Ensures solid electrical connections that resist corrosion.

FULLY VARIABLE CROSSOVERS Fully variable crossovers promote installation ease and save the cost of outboard crossovers. Additionally, they may be used in conjunction with outboard passive or active crossovers, depending on the complexity required by the system. The 12 Db per octave slope offers steep roll-off above or below the selected frequency.

PROTECTION CICUITRY Against overload, short circuit, thermal, low voltage, high voltage and reverse polarity. These protection features are designed to protect the amplifier from misuse, as well as from common causes of amplifier failure.


• IRS(International Rectifier) Class-D Topology
• Mini Size footprint for easy installation of many applications
• Surface mount component technology
• Audio precision quality control verification
• Stable & reliable four layers PCB trace layout
• Power & protection & clipping led lights status indicator
• Short circuit, thermal and voltage protection

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