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Yes, all of our products are available at our EBAY store
Completely safe and certified, our EBAY TOP-RATED SELLER badge recognizes our 5-star rating when selling to our customers.
At the moment, only to certain countries and only on eBay.

Once your payment is processed, we’ll ship your product between 6 – 8 working days, in the case of handmade items (like chucheros, driver tables, radio boxes, etc).

In the case of speakers, crossovers, medusas and other items that aren’t built, we ship them between 1 and 3 working days after purchase.

Shipping is done via UPS Ground, USPS or FedEX.

Please keep in mind that we ship orders ONLY from Monday 9:00 am to Friday 4:00 pm. We do NOT ship orders during weekends. If you ordered during a weekend, your order will be shipped starting on Monday.

For chucheros, radio boxes and driver tables take around 6-8 working days to be ready, and then we ship them. For the rest of products, we ship them between 24h – 48h after purchase.

We accept payments through PAYPAL, and there you can use your international credit or debit card linking it to your account.

Of course! For more information, check our Return and Exchange Policy

If you find any problem with your purchase, don’t worry.

Our system is completely managed by human personal, ready to support you! Please, reach us at info@rdcarshow.com explaining your problem, and we’ll help you solve it.

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Spare parts for your audio!

We also have spare parts for your different audio items. Check the models available in our store.
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