RDCARSHOW officially presents RDCoins!

What are RD Coins? (RDCs)

They are points (or coins) that you can accumulate as you make purchases on our website. With them you can access discounts when buying future orders. Just click on the notification that appears in the Cart or Checkout Page to automatically apply your discount to your order.

The more RD Coins you accumulate, the greater the discount that you can apply when buying.

How do I get RD Coins? (RDCs)

The more you buy, the more RD Coins you can get.ยกAt the moment, for every dollar ($ 1USD) you spend in our store you accumulate 1 RD Coin!

When buying, in your Cart or Payment Page, a message will appear indicating the amount of RD Coins that you will get for the purchase in progress.

How do I use my RD Coins for the discount?

First, you must have an amount of RD Coins in your account. In order to apply RD Coins to your discount you must proceed to the Cart or Payment Page and click on the button “Apply discount”.

How do I check the RD Coins that I own?

1 –Enter RDCARSHOW.COM with your account (you must have an account to accumulate RD Coins)

2 – Access the “My Account” section in the top menu.

3 –Select the “RD Coins” tab on your profile page.

Can I use my RD Coins outside of RDCARSHOW.COM?

No. RD Coins are exclusive to our online store, and can NOT be applied to purchases on eBay or other sites.

If you have more questions or suggestions you can write to us